OURPLATES is a photo portfolio site established for photographs and those who express themselves via photos.

We've set up this website as an opportunity (an action) to face media of photographs, which are vague and attractive along with photographers, and to think of the expressivity and what the actions may be attributed to.Our activities don't aim to house photo works or to sell them on commission.We'd like to be a "PLATE" which presents the concept(s) of photo-taking actions discovered through dialogues with photographers and one part of the results about the uniqueness of the works.

For example, taking a brief look at a photo album will easily lead you to imagine that the dialogues between the photographer(s) and the book editor(s) can have some effect on their creative activities.We're thinking of venturing once to keep a certain distance from any intention or speculation that a photographer may have in his or her works, hoping to approacah the details of the works, the photographer's personality and the characteristics of the themes by sequenceing of the presented work(s) through operations called "reduction from an objective point of view."

First of all, we have a strong feeling that it's significant for us to encounter as many photographers and as many works as possible and to get opportunities to face different photographic expressions and the impulses of the actions. At the same time, we hope that, for photographers, having some distance from a (proactive) attitude as photographer will give you some opportunities to newly encounter the pictures of their own.

Moreover, taking advantage of web content, we're thinking of enlarging the scope of our activity from now on, with the prospect that our website will be used as a platform which simultaneously probes reactions on works from various sectors, and also as a contact site for both domestic and foreign photo agents and productions.

Finally, it would give us much pleasure if the tentatives of OURPLATES will be a trajectory as actions to photographic expressions.

In February of 2008

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